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Noa Chef's Hall | Tallinn

Updated: Aug 4, 2018

This is #1 restaurant in the Baltics by White Guide. Young chef Orm Oja is producing dishes with ingenuity, charm and an inquisitive mind.

Every new tasting menu is worth the wait. When you think there cannot be anymore surprises - rest assured, they will come. Taking the best of Estonian forests this young chef and his team create memorable experience that only leave you wanting more.

“I have been experimenting in the kitchen from a very young age. I remember opening a bottle of Sovetskoye with an awl and serving it over some compote for my parents.”

Noa Chef's Hall is the fine dining arm of Restaurant NOA that overlooks the Bay of Tallinn. On a nice summer day expect to spend quite a few hours here by the water.

What? Where?

An experience with a view like no other - you will remember this meal.

Ranna tee 3

12111 Tallinn


+372 508 0589

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