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Cona | Bradford

An unexpected find in the "Little Germany" area of Bradford serving high grade Wagyu beef and prime USDA halal meats.

With prices going up to £160 for a Wagyu Tomahawk the place has quite a following from the local community as well as connoisseurs from all over the country. Owner Armi is extremely knowledgeable about his ingredients and speaks in length about his worldly foodie travels that have inspired the daily changing menu.

“We even got dessert plates especially made for the cheesecake. Everything has to come under a well thought-out concept.”

What? Where?

Incredible meats cooked to perfection and delicious side dishes that will leave you wanting for more.

20 E Parade

Bradford BD1 5HD

+44 01274 727747

#Restaurant #Bradford #Halalmeats #USDAprimebeef #Yorkshirefoodscene


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